No. 15 – Heritage Tenor Acoustic

Number 15 is a classic Flintwood Heritage build but with some requested custom changes.  The customer wanted all black walnut neck, back, and sides with a red cedar top.  Mixed with the French polish it made a fantastic rustic look.  I also adjusted the scale from 25″ down to 23″ for lower string tension.  The outcome feels very nice and I think that I will continue the 23″ scale for future 4-string builds.

  • Four String Acoustic
  • Natural Finish
  • Black Hardware
  • Walnut Fret Board
  • 23” Scale with Zero Nut
  • Reinforced Neck Design (1/8″ steel rod)
  • Red Cedar
  • Black Walnut Neck, Back, and Sides
  • Black Hardtail Bridge

No. 17 and Fostering Faith Foundation

Guitar donation to the Fostering Faith Foundation’s Charity Event & Silent Auction so that they may continue granting Foster Children’s Holiday Wish Lists while being able to provide clothing, assistance with needed items, scholarships and more throughout the year as well.

• Four String Acoustic
• Natural Finish
• Chrome Hardware
• Walnut Fret Board
• 25” Scale with Zero Nut
• Reinforced Neck Design (1/8″ steel rod)
• Spruce Top
• Birch Back
• Floating Bridge (Maple with Notched Ebony Top)
• D’Addario Tenor Guitar Strings
• Chicago Tuning (D=32) (G=22) (B=14) (E=10)

No. 16 Cigar Box Guitar

Throw down your blues licks with style using this 3-string cigar box guitar made from a Charter Oak Cigar Box. The CBG3 has a single coil MGB pickup that produces a fairly clean tone for light blues and rock. Check out the video for a sound sample.

  • Charter Oak Cigar Box
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Poplar Fret Board
  • 25” Scale with Zero Nut
  • MGB Single Coil Pickup
  • Volume/Tone Control
  • Hardtail Roller Bridge

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Bending Wood With A Curling Iron

A luthier bending iron can be expensive. Here is a cheap alternative in case you wanted to experiment with wood bending for your next cigar box guitar or small folk instrument project.

Check out the video here:

Flintwood Guitars:
Handcrafted folk and blues instruments designed to be simple and fun. Created in the styling of cigar box and folk instruments, Flintwood guitars offer a fresh new tone to add to your collection.

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Shane Young Photoshoot

Shane Young beside of wood fireplace with guitar hanging behind him.

Early summer of 2019, I was asked by my friend/bandmate Shane Young to do a photoshoot for his solo musical project. His songs are very acoustic folk and I just happen to be moving out of a log cabin that I have been renting at which we both agreed that it would be a great spot for the shoot location After moving out and cleanup we had a beautiful open space full of warm tones and texture.

Shane Young sitting in bay window playing guitar.

The cabin is located in the middle of the woods so inside the house even with all of the lights on it can be very dark. I used this characteristic to my advantage by using a single light setup with a large softbox to play with Rembrandt style shadows.

Looking down over Shane Young playing guitar from a balcony.

In post, I muted the colors a little for an older color look. One of the problems that I ran into with photography in a cabin is that all of the light reflecting off of the wood creates heavy yellow tones at which is hard to adjust for proper white balance.

Shane Young playing guitar in an old chair.

The final product came out great and it is wonderful to have photos to remember my last few weeks in the beautiful house.

Be sure to check out Shane Young’s solo music project:



Starting in October 2019 Evan Hinshaw Designs will no longer be excepting new clients for Illustration designs (logos, promotional print, and multi-page layouts) except for special request. This decision has been made so that I can focus on my family, photography, music, and woodworking.

Evan Hinshaw

This Strange Love

Picture a lonely woman walking out of a restaurant. She has just been stood up. On her sooner than expected walk home she pulls a young man from the street just before he is hit by a car. She embraces him with blind compassion and tells him to be careful. 20 years later he is a renowned doctor and local figure. An older woman visits his ER one night after being hit by a car. He saves her life, only to realize that many years ago, she had already saved his. They once again embrace. Around every corner, there is an opportunity to love someone and we never know when that love may return to us. We are all connected in this great ebb and flow for reasons we may not understand, but when we give, sometimes we find a piece of the puzzle.


Time, you know our time is gonna leave us
Time is something that we cannot hold
Someday we’re gonna find the mystery
When we walk, that lonesome road

The feeling of a moment or a memory
Both as true as how they came to be
Still it seems we find ourselves forgetting
Who we are, and what that means

But this strange love, it has it’s reasons
For the time that we share
This strange love, it never leaves us
And we know its always there

Heart and soul, a river to an ocean
One is life, the other how we live
With every turn we’re bound to face the mystery
That who we are, is what we give

But this strange love, it has it’s reasons
For the time that we share
This strange love, it never leaves us
And we know its always there


Recorded and Produced by: Evan Hinshaw, Shane Young
Written by: Shane Young, Evan Hinshaw

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Old English

Here is the latest track from my band Catchlight:

Everyone is a captain of their own ship. At some point, even the best Captains can get lost. Everything from the current to the crew can influence our direction, but in the end, we must find our own way home.

Will you ever find the freedom that you’ve been aching for?

Purchase and Download “Old English” and other tracks from Catchlight:

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The Project

The Project is a new song from my solo musical experiment Sly Like Fox.

It is the first song in the Sly Like Fox project to feature my home-made dulcimer at which I call the Flintwood CSD.

Flintwood CSD

I originally designed the dulcimer to work as a fun lead instrument in my primary musical group Catchlight. You can find hand-held strum dulcimers for sale but they are mostly built with a diatonic fret layout which makes it easy to play scales in a song but forces you to tune the instrument to whatever key the song is in.

Diatonic Scale Merlin Dulcimer by Seagull
Diatonic Scale vs Chromatic Scale

The Flintwood C.S.D. (Chromatic Strum Dulcimer) has a complete chromatic fret layout which allows the instrument to stay in a form of standard tuning. It feels a little like playing the bass guitar but has a sound that is much like a mandolin.

I have developed a few prototypes in which I have future plans for building and selling CSDs and other small specialized folk instruments under the product name of Flintwood.

When I play the CSD in Catchlight, I usually play it with a familiar folk mandolin strum style, but with this Sly Like Fox song, I wanted to think outside of the box and play the CSD in a progressive pick style to showcase the instrument in a different way.

I call this song, “The Project” because it reminds me of a parent and child working on a project together. I visualize something like a woodworking project or some sort of craft project. The string section is the parent that has slower and patient guidance to it. The dulcimer is the child with a playful, bouncier tone to it. There are moments when the dulcimer pauses and the strings continue on as if the child is waiting for instruction from the parent.

You can find and purchase this song at:Sly Like Fox at BandCamp

You can also visit my Youtube Channel of other great content.

A Kid with Kids

Eurey Family-June2018_PRINT-16

Usually, when someone contacts you about possibly doing a photo shoot with their kids, you run through the typical steps of going over the time, place, and price just like any other photography gig. But this one started with a conversation about how the client knew that my mother-in-law had baby goats and would love to incorporate one or two of these animals into the photos. Although I haven’t been accepting photography jobs for long, I am the type of person that enjoys a creative challenge. I am also the type of person who enjoys pushing other people to be open to creative challenges. I’d like to go over a few simple tips that helped me run this challenging paid gig good smoothly.

Eurey Family-June2018_PRINT-2

First, timing is everything…even more of it. This is not one of those “I’ll creatively make it work, rain or shine” gigs. I made arrangments with the client to set a date, and that we would watch the weather closer to that date in case we needed to reschedule. I also recommend downloading any app that will tell you the golden hour of the day and allow yourself more time for setup than your typical job. There are several on the market that for a reasonable price will let you even pick a day on the calendar and see when the golden hour will be in advance. I needed to obtain the goat and transport it to the local then meet the client to set up and shoot in a reasonable time so that we didn’t stress out the animal…and ourselves.

Eurey Family-June2018_PRINT-14

Secondly, this job needed backup support. Fortunately, my wife is great with animals and was a big help getting the goat in place and then backing off quickly as I focused on the camera work. For a creative job like this, I wouldn’t be afraid to pay out little of your profit to any helping hand if you don’t have anyone who is willing to do help for free. Yes, you are losing a little cash, but hopefully, you will get some amazing photographs that you can share and show off for new potential clients.

Eurey Family-June2018_PRINT-26

Lastly, don’t get carried away with the gimmick. We spent a lot of time playing around with the goat, and I had to remind myself that we needed to move around and take some standard shots. After a quick scan of the property, we found a nice wood fence to give the client some variety in the package that I was creating for them.

Eurey Family-June2018_PRINT-23

I conclusion, when you are taking on a challenging photography gig, be sure to plan ahead, don’t be stingy or ashamed to hire some help, and be sure to break away from the one idea to offer some shots that you are comfortable with.

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